Our expert working day by day in ISO 27001 environments. For us is the most important to be your trusteeship partner in all of IT questions. Therefore we are do all of our clients in 24/7 hours if it had been requested.

Basically we are working with remote management from our office but if you requested we are very welcome visit you on your onsite too. All of contract are different agreement. If you would like one of our expert onsite, we can manage it.


….it is not a problem! 🙂 We are very huge fun of the OpenSource Systems. We are ready for all from the followings: 

  • system installation and management
  • user daily management
  • virtualization  
  • cloud solutions 
  • clusters
  • big datas
  • NAS
  • routers and firewalls
  • LAMP 
  • and so on so on so on. If you have one Linux system, we can know, how can be better for you!

Couple of certified experts of us will support your daily work. 


Unce upon a time….in US! If you have the most advanced system with Mac we can support of you. Your devices like iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacPro, MacBook Air, Mac, Mac MAc and MAC?!? You can’t manage the changes and can’t know how can you use out the World most powerful devices? WE KNOW!

  • system installation and management
  • all-in-one management on Mac
  • clusters
  • and everything what do you need!


In this case, your shirt must to be blue! 🙂 On the whole World the most time used system of the Microsoft systems. We can manage and deploy your centralized system. It’s not a problem if your company size is a micro sized company or you are a self employed. If you have a question, we are ready for you in all of question of the system of Microsoft.