'The best isn't enough - need the Ultimate best'

We are very pleasant to deploying your dream to be come true on the web. Our websites/webshop has more than 5.000 visitors per a day in the first month after the launch of the new site. We are believing in the open source technologies as well, therefore we can deploying to our customers their websites in WordPress or in Drupal.

Do you have any business idea?

Just told for us, what kind of idea do you have in business and we will find out for you the most best design and solutions.

We are find out 3 or 4 different version of the design and you will just need to choose one. After that, when you had been chosen which design is the best for you, we will deploying your new website after that in the next weeks.

Couple of references


Dissolved and deleted at March 2018

He is one of very famous radio dj in Budapest/Hungary. He had been found him love in Ireland in one Hungarian woman personality. After their marriage he had been moved to Budapest/Hungary and we can listen him every day in the air at Kontakt Radio. He has a jazz band and their one of most biggest concert was in 2017 in Brussel/Belgium. 


They are a Photo Club in Resita/Romania. In this year we had been met with them. They had been made International Photo Contest but they are non-profit organization. They had a website but it had a very out-dated design. We had been re-design their site and made the materials upload form for the International Photo Contest.


Our Fruit Division has a separate website and their webshop too. We had been chosen a nice design which is fit for TortugaFruit logo’s and colors.


One of our client had a big dream. She had been come behind of the office desk. She had been found out, she will opening a fashion store in Budapest/Hungary. We had been design for kalvincollection.hu’s logo and webshop design. Also we had been managed their social media connection after the launch 2 months long time.

The shop is connected to their Facebook page and all of product also published on Facebook.


Digital signage provider in Romania. We had been made for them their logo and eco-concept in After Effects and also their company website.