Fruit Division

'Il nostra frutta e nostra vita' - founder of TortugaFruit

TortugaFruit is our own developed and registered brand on the market. The founder of the brand had enough potential in the fruit market and after of couple years of experience him incorporated the unique brand of the banana: TortugaFruit

Bananas are among the most popular fruit in the World and we are offer the highest of quality by selecting the best source and treating the fruit with care throughout the agricultural and logistical processes.

From seeding, weed control, quality control processes, packing and a thorough timing control we are always in the position to deliver our best premium bananas.

TortugaFruit is supply fresh fruit from the most fertile tropical plantations, owning every stage of the production process between the plantation and your table. Joining our production knowledge with the logistical know-how we are able to deliver a consistent quality of premium fruit.